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Bharath Golds & Diamonds approached us for their logo to be designed. Their requirement was to create a unique design which should clearly convey the purpose of gold as well as diamond, which actually stands as a symbol of love and luxury. They wanted this element to be showcased through their logo.

We designed a logotype making the letter B as a symbol of love and shown as a traditional pendant (like Thali) hanging from a string, designed as a chain. All the luxury of jewelry is expressed through the wise use of colors in the logo.

To depict that they are also into the diamond collection, we incorporated a diamond stone-like design in the letter B of the logo.The typography was also in sync with the brand’s purpose. Our client was very happy with the result. We believe that a single color, a single design can convey lots of meanings and express lots of ideas. This was the inspiration behind his project.


July 10, 2021