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Fabuka.com is an eCommerce website for construction equipment and building supplies. The client, Fabuka, approached us for their logo design. Working for Fabuka has been truly challenging and unique. The client wants the logo to be very direct but creative. Evidently the logo should depict what Fabuka is into.

We want the face of the brand, the logo, to be very perfect. In sync with our client’s expectation, we made the logo really straightforward by portraying an urbana trolley in the logo. We paid attention to keep the impression of the eCommerce website and wisely preserved the eCommerce icon through the depiction of the arbana trolley in the logo.

The logo needed to be well designed, applying common principles of successful logo design. This stipulates simplicity, versatility, and timelessness. It also had to be unique in its segment, in order to ensure that it distinguished from its rivals, thereby making it unforgettable. We accomplished all the essentials through this project.


August 15, 2016