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Our client, O2Genic, was very much satisfied with the work delivered. The next time they approached us for designing a brochure. Since we were very thorough with their product and requirements, it was pretty easy and convenient for us to work for them.

O2Genic is a global distributor of medical accessories that keep users protected against the fear of infectious diseases. The good knowledge about the brand made us very sure about the theme and colors to be used in the design. We maintained a fresh and clean feel with the wise use of white color and maintained factors of professionalism, calmness, cleanliness, power, focus, trust, and knowledge of the brand using blue and green colors.

We designed a brand pattern and maintained it in sync with the logo design. The client suggested a vertical brochure design and after mutual discussion, our team suggested going with a horizontal design. The client was satisfied with the suggestion and finally, we delivered a good result.