O2 Genic

O2Genic is a global distributor of medical accessories that keep users protected against the fear of infectious diseases. The client approach Webthrob for a logo design for the brand.

How is a strategy made visible with a logo?

The requirement of the client in the design was that the ‘O2’ should get prominence in the logo design. Accordingly in the design, we have given prominence for O2 and in connection to the field, we have maintained a design of chemical bonding above the letter ‘i’ in ‘ genic’. This is very much in sync with the market the brand belongs to. We paid attention to the minute detailing of the logo.

We took special care in the font to be used for the logo. We maintained a very professional outlook in the design and with the blue color in the logo, we portrayed the factors of professionalism, calmness, cleanliness, power, focus, trust, and knowledge of the brand.


August 15, 2016