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Scaff’s Builders

Scaff’s Builders are into architecture, construction and interior designing. Being a highly professional builder, they approached us for their logo to be designed that would place them as a high quality, trustworthy builder.

Knowing the full history and essence of the company was very much important for us to design a logo for them. Our client’s successful journey began as roofing contractors in the market. Drawn from their business experience, the impetus unleashed numerous concepts for the logo concept. Although at first the logo may appear to be a simple logotype with a stylized letter A, but it holds the company's history.

With A Logo, The World Iterates Your Name

The letter A in Scaff's is portrayed as a roof. This is in connection with the company’s beginning and success. The wise selection of color also made the logo appreciable. They put forth their suggestions in color combinations for the logo.

Appreciating their ideas and enthusiasm for the company, we ourselves suggested the present color of the logo which was highly acceptable to our client.. The clean and modern logo is the result of wise thoughts which allowed Scaff’s Builders to stand out from their competitors.


August 15, 2016