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Making incredible results out of social media campaigns are highly creative challenges. Our team successfully did this for Souparnika Hair Oil. The client approached us for the promotion of their social media campaign.

Elevate your brand's status with a blend of heredity in the design

Designing social media posts for Souparnika Hair Oil was quite interesting. The client wanted to maintain a feel of heredity and tradition, which led us to give the design of the palm-leaf manuscript (Thaaliyola Grantham).

Since all the ingredients of the product are mixed with almond milk, we maintained the special ingredient almond milk’s design in the post. All together we took special attention to keep the feel of heredity and tradition.

Our social media promotion for the brand was a success. We created more than 200 leads within a month for the client. The client was happy with our service for them.


August 15, 2016