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Wellworth Group is a highly professional and sophisticated MFT pipe manufacturer. The interior of the manufactured pipes are mirror finished. We were very happy to do an innovative campaign, ‘ Shine Like A Mirror’, for them. The goal of the campaign was to convey the difference between usual PVC pipes and MFT pipes.

The company is uniquely positioned as one of the industry's leading brands with its finest MFT products of premium quality standards. Since our client offers a very unique and innovative product, then it was our turn to showcase our creativity and innovations in the work. We wanted to deliver a highly creative result for our clients and our hard work paid off.

We designed an exclusive character for them. The characters portrayed are two drops of water, in which one character is a happy water drop and the other a desperate one. This clearly illustrates the concept behind it. As it is a comparison between usual PVC pipes and MFT pipes, the different emotions of the two characters bring out the result of the comparison. The happy water drop is the result of MFT pipe and the desperate one for the other. We’ve also planned animation with the same characters. The MFT pipes ensure a very smooth surface allowing well flow of water and this makes the water drops extremely happy. Every character is drawn and this concept was highly appreciated and well liked by the client.